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Cyanaeorchis arundinae Grobya amherstiae Cycnoches haagii Cycnoches egertonianum Mormodes buccinator Mormodes paraensis Dressleria sp. BGM 11/1194 Catasetum denticulatum Catasetum luridum Catasetum gladiatorium Catasetum blackii Clowesia russelliana Galeandra junceaoides Galeandra styllomisantha Galeandra paraguayensis Galeandra beyrichii Galeandra montana Galeandra batemanii Galeandra greenwoodiana Galeandra blanchetii Galeandra santarena Galeandra minax Galeandra cristata Galeandra stangeana Galeandra magnicolumna Galeandra macroplectra Galeandra baueri Galeandra leptoceras Galeandra devoniana Cyrtopodium aliciae Eulophia alta
Tree is not drawn to scale due to some nodes not having time estimates denotes timed nodes (click a timed node to view time)
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